The Quarry

The Quarry

A disused quarry formed the perfect starting point for a convention/function centre incorporating real and artificial rock climbing gyms, ice walls, SCUBA Dive centre, bars and accommodation. The bones were in place – one big hole in the ground soon became one big hole in the ground with a roof on it. From this point instead of building from the ground up, we built from the ground down.

Stonehedge worked as part of a team led by Bruce Curtis, Examiner and Mastercraftsman for the DSWA, building extensive dry stone feature walls, some up to 6metres high, reusing leftover stone out of the quarry which was perfect for dry walling.

The atrium mirror imaged stone feature walls incorporates stone sourced from Caithness, a grey bookleaf basalt, used to great effect alongside hand selected boulders in the multi storey atrium


The three storey entrance

The Quarry

A good mixture of materials where the large mass of stone gives great texture and resembles a fortress like castle

Window to the world

The Quarry

A great design feature, these windows break up the mass of stone and add another element of interest

2nd storey walkway

The Quarry

With Bruce leaning against the stonework you get a good sense of the scale of the project

The Atrium

The Quarry

Stonework is only limited by your imagination. Good planning will ensure you get the most out of your build and create some standout features

Customer Testimonial

Working as part of a team of 6, I would say Brett Hofman played a key role in the dynamics of the team with his level temperament and even nature. Willing to switch roles whenever required without hesitation and performing his duties with his customary energy and initiative.

In respect of his skills as a stonemason, his work is sound, safe and strong and I am more than satisfied with his work. I would describe him as a natural stone worker with a respect for the craft that is essential to the integrity of an age old trade.

Customer name: Bruce Curtis, Master Craftsman, Scotland

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