Reinhard Residence

Reinhard Residence

Part of the enjoyment of doing stonework is helping people realise their vision in stone. Having already completed an award winning renovation a few years back, Jo Reinhard knew what she wanted to complete her bathroom renovation for her property situated in the surrounding hills of Berry, a stone feature wall.

Stonehedge believes form should follow function and with this in mind we created a floating feature wall complete with functional recesses and a mantle, ideal for personal intricacies. We were able to tweek Jo’s original design to really give it that modern ‘wow’ factor.

The construction process

Reinhard Residence

Tight as it was we still managed to fit 3 men and all our gear and materials into Jo’s bathroom. Careful planning by the Stonehedge team will ensure every project runs as smoothly as possible

The Recess

Reinhard Residence

These recesses add an element of interest to the stonework. Functional, they provide shelving for pictures, photos or ornate objects of personal value, while giving the stonework a  true sense of depth.

The Wash Down

Reinhard Residence

Each Stonehedge Project incorporates a ‘wash down’, adding the final touches to the stonework and detailing the finished product ready for presentation

The Final Product

Reinhard Residence

The feature wall now appears to be floating on its own as all tiling and roof line give the impression of continuing on past the wall. The warm oxide colouring of the stone works perfectly in this bathroom

Customer Testimonial

Brett added a very strong, defining element to my bathroom with a floating rear wall made of stone.  He asked me a lot about what feel I wanted for the room but also about how we would actually use the bathroom. He then designed features in the wall to create interest from the entrance, bath and the shower, providing something special to look at from each part of the room.  The result is stunning, the stone never ceases to amaze those who enter the room and I still enjoy looking at it everyday.  Brett seems to have a real eye for how stone can add to a space.

Jo and Wolfgang Reinhard

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