Strongbuild Foxground

Strongbuild Foxground

‘Live the Dream’

Strongbuild and Stonehedge have worked side by side on many projects in and around the Shoalhaven area. This association over many years works to our benefit providing valuable insight in both the building and stonemasonry fields.

This particular project takes place in the small farming village of Foxground. A traditional style barn, the bluestone ballast originally brought over in the hulls of early ships from England, laid to rest in the streets of Melbourne, dug up, transported to Foxground  and continuing it’s journey as the framework for Bob and Barbara Maidment’s Bluestone Barn.

The Ballast

Strongbuild Foxground

An excellent building material because of its density and block like formation means that this barn will still be standing for many years to come

The Barn

Strongbuild Foxground

The versatility of this product means that it can be used for solid stone construction complete with cavity  or single skin construction tied to a timber frame

Front of House

Strongbuild Foxground

A relatively affordable style of construction when compared to other building materials and adding bucket loads of character

The 5% Residual

Strongbuild Foxground

With the leftover stone we built a BBQ complete with gas cooking for the weekdays and an open fire grill for the weekends

Customer Testimonial

Could we recommend the Stonehedge team highly enough? Absolutely.

The Strongbuild team have had a great working relationship and friendship with Brett for over 10 years now. Always called upon to satisfy the stone needs of our ‘Custom Building’ clients, we frequently use his stonework to advertise our own unique blend of build. If you are looking for stone to enhance your next building project, look no further than Stonehedge as the complete package!

Customer name: Jamie Strong, Construction Director- Strongbuild, Berry NSW

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