Weiland Residence

Weiland Residence

One couple’s dream fast becoming a reality

25 years ago Stuart Weiland began planning for his own future development project, incorporating materials and building methods of traditional origin.

First step – find the perfect property

Second step – start collecting materials

Third step – Call Stonehedge

Working side by side with Stuart over many years we are progressively putting the pieces of the puzzle together of what is a standout legacy, a property that oozes a sense of history but will be around for generations to enjoy. Stuart’s zeal is obvious as he talks about his dream and his love for everything pre modern.

Stonehedge is always looking forward to the next phase of the project and being involved in a truly remarkable piece of history.

Dry Stone Walling

Weiland Residence

Using stone sourced off the property Stonehedge started creating  free standing dry stone boundary walls to give the property definition and a sense of space

The Cottage

Weiland Residence

Again using stone sourced off the property combined with sandstone quoins Stuart had collected from a pre loved barn, the cottage would provide accommodation for the family while planning the next phase of the project – the house

The plantar

Weiland Residence

This dry stone plantar will form the roundabout for access off to the house or stables. We incorporated steps into the side of the plantar for Natalie to access what will become a vege patch

The Grand Archway

Weiland Residence

The next phase of construction, the house, will incorporate an archway, sourced some 20 years ago by Stuart from an old building in Kent St Sydney. Originally constructed in 1825 we have now given it a new home and the journey continues. Absolute precision is necessary to ensure the structure keys together.

Customer Testimonial

We have used Brett from Stonehedge for all our dry stone wall restoration, newly built walls and stone cottage at our Rosé Valley property

What really impresses us is his attention to detail and thought that goes into each job, for him it's not just about putting stone together with mortar as each job is work of art which has its own identity.

For anyone serious about wanting a first class job with soul we couldn't recommend Stonehedge highly enough

Natalie & Stuart Weiland

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